Topoľčany & ParkDots

Topoľčany, like other larger and smaller Slovak cities, struggled with streets overcrowded with cars, parking on pavements, at intersections, but also on green spaces. The long-applied principle of free parking brought its “fruit” in the form of traffic collisions, dissatisfied residents, and street clutter.

Dynamic traffic is controlled by rules, traffic lights and intersections. It is logical that static traffic should also be regulated for the sake of order. How can this be done and how did we go about it in Topoľčany?


The city of Topoľčany started to have a problem with the number of cars. Residents often complained about lack of parking spaces and carelessly parked vehicles causing collision situations. Cars were often parked in blind turns, at exits or even at pedestrian crossings. The city wanted to provide safety, convenience and quality of life for its citizens and visitors, so it set new rules and introduced innovative systems.


  • resident’s priority for parking at their place of residence
  • creating a comprehensive parking management system
  • harmonisation of parking rules on the basis of a single legal regulation and technical standard
  • regulation and control of reserved parking spaces
  • removal of illegally parked vehicles
  • innovative and intuitive payment method
  • maintaining high payment discipline of drivers
  • simplifying administrative procedures for the municipality
  • digitisation of city services related to parking (e.g., issuing residential permits)
  • efficient parking control system

Why to work with ParkDots?

Why did the city decide to contact us? What was the most important factor for Topoľčany when choosing a solution provider?

A reputable IT company with a proven track record, expertise and client-friendly approach

Comprehensive end-to-end solution from the permit issuance system to parking enforcement

Integration with the currently used systems such as SMS (text messages), parking machines, city systems

Technological innovations and solutions that reflect the requirements of citizens, drivers and the city employees

Proposed solutions

In the case of Topoľčany, we proposed a set of solutions that included several elements. They are interconnected and bring benefits to the city, city employees, municipal police, drivers with permanent residency and visitors.


A comprehensive system of modules that communicate with each other and create the perfect tool for managing parking in the city.

Municipal parking system ParkDots – overall system integration

Residential parking – digital parking permits for both drivers and the city

ParkDots mobile application – parking payments for drivers

Enforcement system and scanning car – parking management and control for the city

Comment on the cooperation

The implementation of the project and its individual solutions required active cooperation in several areas.

“Topoľčany needed a radical change in parking policy, which would be based on solid foundations. These were the expertise and experience of the professionals from the PosAm team. The cooperation was excellent, and we are happy that at the end of the changes we have satisfied Topoľčany residents.”

JUDr. Alexandra Gieciová, Mayor of Topoľčany

“We have chosen the right way to set up new rules in the regulation of static traffic. In addition to active communication and quality solutions, the overall satisfaction of the residents and city employees who actively work with the system is also important to us. I appreciate the dedication and quick support that ParkDots provides us.”

Maroš Kmeťko, Chief of Topoľčany Municipal Police

“Once again, I have had the privilege of working with a city that is looking one step ahead. After all, the sustainability of order in cities also depends on efficient and sophisticated traffic regulation. Topoľčany has taken a step in the direction of efficient parking that serves drivers.”

Martin Ivančík, ParkDots product manager

What we have achieved

Changes have taken place in the central zone of the city. Parking is more transparent, has a system and it is easier for residents to find a parking space near their houses. Thanks to the fast control, there is a high payment discipline of drivers in the city. These are just a few of the results that the city of Topoľčany has achieve after the introduction of a comprehensive urban parking system and its tools.

25 250
residential parking zones
2 500
parking spaces
payments per day
5 900
digital permits issued
1 975
currently valid permits
1 620
currently valid residential permits

What they said about us

“The number of cars in Topoľčany is growing rapidly every year. We have been receiving suggestions from citizens who are directly affected by parking problems for a long time. These were mainly streets in the city centre. Parking spaces were occupied for the whole day by people working in these areas. The appearance and, above all, the safety of the streets were also a significant negative element.

For this reason, in 2021 we decided to propose and consequently implement a new parking policy concept. The aim was to systematically regulate parking for both residents and visitors.

The solution was provided by PosAm, the Slovak company behind the ParkDots systems. From the very first moment, the cooperation was at a high level and the result is the parking policy that is in place today. This includes not only digital parking permits, but also a mobile application for payment and tools for parking control.

A great benefit is the intuitiveness of the tools delivered. And I’m not just talking about the ease of use on the part of Topoľčany residents and drivers. Even city representatives or municipal police officers can’t get enough of working with the Enforcement app and using the scanning car. We have eliminated a lot of mandatory administrative work and the city saves also costs in the issuance and distribution of parking permits.

Although the issue of setting parking policy is not popular with anyone, it is an area that needs to be addressed. We are happy to have a partner we can rely on.”

JUDr. Alexandra Gieciová, Mayor of Topoľčany