ParkDots – get more out of your parking spaces

The aim of the ParkDots solution is to leverage the value of existing parking spaces and bring parking policy effectively into practice with the use of modern technologies. Let’s see how!

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Paying for parking with ParkDots

  • Enable your residents, visitors, and customers to pay for parking conveniently via the ParkDots mobile app. Stand out with this innovation and save.

  • The apps are available for iPhone, Android and also as a fully responsive web application. Unlike SMS payments, ParkDots can be used for paying by holders of company phones or foreign visitors.

  • Real-time overview of parking fees collected.

  • The ParkDots Enforcement mobile app with number plate scanning option enables effective control of parking eligibility.

  • The service is launched within 1 month after signing the contract!

Residential parking with ParkDots

  • Application support for residential parking administration covers all processes from filing applications through their approval and payments up to checking compliance with the rules. All online.

  • The system enables applications to be filed for electronic residential cards online or at a point of contact (client point). Comfortable payment with a card or via bank transfer.

  • Clear management of applications through a web app enables towns and municipalities to have full control over the entire process. Automation simplifies the whole agenda.

Monitoring of car parking

Regular, effective and consistently implemented monitoring will improve compliance with parking rules and increase payment discipline. The resulting higher revenues from parking fees can be reinvested by municipalities in the development of parking infrastructure, support for mobility and further improvement of services to residents.
ParkDots solutions are suitable for both smaller cities and large metropolitan areas – they can be adapted to their specific requirements.

ParkDots Enforcement application

  • Effective checks of parking eligibility by patrols in the field.
  • Fast and reliable recognition of vehicle registration plates via a mobile device with the option of connecting an external camera for night shooting.
  • Support for filing and processing offence reports.
  • A flexible tool for both smaller cities and large metropolitan areas (in cooperation with a scanning car).

Scanning car

  • Effective monitoring of paid and resident parking spaces during the day and at night.
  • Tens of thousands of scanned vehicle registration plates in 24 hours.
  • Automatic processing of reports in a system with the possibility of sending a patrol.
  • Suitable for larger cities with the need to constantly monitor numerous parking spaces.
Fixed systems

Fixed systems

  • Separate cameras for vehicle registration plate recognition with connection to the central system.
  • Monitoring of passages through virtual gate without barriers and gates (free-flow), possibly supplemented by automatic bollards for vehicle access control.
  • Complete overview of parked vehicles in the parking lot or in the parking zone in real time, automatic generation of traffic offence reports.
  • A suitable solution for restricted access areas and locations in cities where barriers cannot be used.

Occupancy monitoring for street parking

  • Are you looking for possibilities for how to use existing parking places more effectively? By monitoring their occupancy you will get a perfect overview of the parking trend in real time.

  • Thanks to parking place occupancy sensors installed in the road you may effectively monitor any short-term or prohibited parking, or parking on reserved parking places.

  • Special AI-supported camera systems can recognize number plates or identify the vehicle type. The system can send automatic notifications of any unauthorized or prohibited parking.

  • LED navigation signs may be added.


Urban parking system

  • ParkDots offers comprehensive support for parking policy application in a municipality or a town.

  • The modular platform connects state-of-the-art technology with expert parking knowledge.

  • We ensure monitoring of parking place occupancy, payment of parking fees via a mobile app, residential parking management, the checking of parking permissions and integration with other systems (payment, parking or information systems of the municipality, municipal police, etc.).

  • Thanks to integrations to third-party systems, ParkDots is a unifying element of the entire parking ecosystem.

Other possibilities and advantages of the system

  • In addition to street parking, via integration in barrier systems, card vehicle license plate scanners and payment machines, ParkDots can handle parking in garages or closed parking lots.

  • The ParkDots applications are designed with an emphasis on high usability, making parking easy for your customers.

  • Are you looking for a completely carefree model? What do you think of parking space management as a service? Contact us.