A urban parking system for your city? ParkDots is the solution.

ParkDots is a sophisticated modular system for the implementation of parking policy in cities. Choose exactly the features you need – from parking fee collection to parking permits (residential parking) and to parking control and monitoring occupancy of parking spaces.

The ParkDots solution is fully scalable for small cities and metropolises, field-tested by dozens of cities, with more than 6 years of experience in the parking industry. A dedicated team of experts guaranties continuous development of new functionalities, uninterrupted operation, regular updates, and it takes care of security so that you have all the data available in the required data structure in real time.

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Payment of parking fees. ParkDots is the app.

Instant and hassle-free payment of parking fees is essential to maintain customer satisfaction. With ParkDots, you get a modern way to pay parking fees.

ParkDots is the most widely used parking payment app in Slovakia.

These are its advantages:

  • Pay by card or via Apple Pay and Google Pay

  • Also suitable for business phone owners or tourists from abroad (unlike SMS payments)

  • More than 250 000 registered users and tens of thousands of reliably issued permits per month

  • Native iOS and Android app

  • Application in the CSOB Smartbanking app

  • Translated into multiple languages (including Ukrainian)

  • Fully integrated into the parking monitoring system

  • Operational within 2 weeks of signing the contract

  • Allows the use of time credits

  • Supports per-minute charging, fair to drivers

ParkDots does not burden the budget

ParkDots is a convenient way of collecting parking fees that does not cripple a municipality’s budget.
The city pays only a one-time setup fee for configuration and integration services, and then only a minimal transaction fee (lower than for SMS payments).

Parking permits for residential parking. ParkDots is the system.

Electronic processing of the application and issuing of the parking permit online, remotely and within 10 minutes is something your residents will certainly appreciate. Thanks to automatic approval and connection to public registers including integrated payment gateway, the whole process is fast and painless.

In addition, the entire interface is fully optimised for mobile devices. Your city will get a robust, scalable system that you can rely on.

  • Virtual parking cards based on vehicle registration numbers (no paper cards, we are in the 21st century, after all)
  • The system used in the services of the City of Bratislava, through which tens of thousands of applications and parking permits have been processed
  • The system includes both public and non-public interfaces – for the applicant and the city staff
  • Integration with public registers – obtaining and verifying data regarding the applicant, vehicle, and property without the need to scan documents or visit the offices
  • Configuration of the system, rules for checking and approving applications for parking permits according to the city’s ordinance
  • Automated approval process saves manpower
  • Full integration to the parking monitoring system
  • Support for the complete life cycle from processing the application to payment of the fee and issuing of the parking permit, to permanent and temporary changes in the permit and to its cancellation
  • Comprehensive reporting

Checks of parking eligibility. ParkDots is the checking system.

Achieve discipline and compliance with parking rules in your city. Take advantage of state-of-the-art registration number recognition technology with the ParkDots solution.

ParkDots Enforcement application

  • Effective checks of parking eligibility by patrols in the field.
  • Fast and reliable recognition of vehicle registration plates via a mobile device with the option of connecting an external camera for night shooting.
  • Support for filing and processing offence reports.
  • A flexible tool for both smaller cities and large metropolitan areas (in cooperation with a scanning car).

Scanning car

  • Effective monitoring of paid and resident parking spaces during the day and at night.
  • Tens of thousands of scanned vehicle registration plates in 24 hours.
  • Automatic processing of reports in a system with the possibility of sending a patrol.
  • Suitable for larger cities with the need to constantly monitor numerous parking spaces.
Fixed systems

Fixed systems

  • Separate cameras for vehicle registration plate recognition with connection to the central system.
  • Monitoring of passages through virtual gate without barriers and gates (free-flow), possibly supplemented by automatic bollards for vehicle access control.
  • Complete overview of parked vehicles in the parking lot or in the parking zone in real time, automatic generation of traffic offence reports.
  • A suitable solution for restricted access areas and locations in cities where barriers cannot be used.

Monitoring of occupancy

The ParkDots system detects available parking spaces using:

  • occupancy sensors in parking spaces via NB-IoT network
  • image recognition cameras sensing parking spaces

ParkDots enables:

  • efficient monitoring of
    • short-term parking (with a maximum parking time limit))
    • prohibited parking
    • parking in restricted parking spaces (e.g. disabled parking spaces).
  • automatic identification of vehicles above occupancy sensors due to electronic identifiers issued, for example, to residents
  • navigation to available parking spaces via navigation LED panels and mobile application
  • management of car parks and parking spaces via web application
  • comprehensive reporting and statistics on parking space occupancy