Bratislava & ParkDots

Bratislava is a European metropolis that lacked an urban parking system which would be valid and functioning uniformly in all city districts. Parking was not regulated, residents often had problems parking in front of their own homes and traffic in the city was congested. Therefore, the city has embarked on fundamental changes related to parking, by drafting new rules and introducing systems that were built on ParkDots solutions.


Bratislava has the ambition to become a modern, 21st century European capital that serves both citizens and visitors. It is home to more than 475,000 residents who move here daily for work, education, and leisure. The number of passenger cars in the city is constantly increasing, the streets becoming more congested, the public space is filled with parked cars and residents find it difficult to park. It was widespread practice for cars to park on unpaved areas, lawns or pavements. The districts have also become a problem, setting parking rules in good faith, but each according to its own preferences. It was necessary to set new rules and bring about a working system throughout the city, not just in individual districts.


  • effective parking solution, which would be welcomed by the residents,
  • establishing a comprehensive system for managing parking permits,
  • creating different types of parking permits according to specific requirements,
  • digitisation of procedures related to the issuance of residential permits,
  • innovative and intuitive payment methods,
  • reducing the number of passenger cars in the city,
  • increasing the payment discipline of drivers,
  • eliminating the problem of cars parked on pavements and lawns,
  • simplifying administrative procedures for the municipality,
  • introducing an effective parking control system.

Why to work with ParkDots?

Why did the City of Bratislava decide to contact us? What were the decisive and most important reasons for them when choosing a solution provider?

ParkDots was successful in the Bridge ParkSys tender. Out of six competitors, the most cost-effective bid that met all the technical parameters won.

Stable company with a proven track record – expertise, references and professional approach

Innovative and technically sound – a cloud solution, the ability of comprehensive delivery from one partner

Creation of a customised parking system – unique system, parking permits, new functionalities, automated features

Complexity of the solution – administrative system, parking permits, mobile application, checking, reporting

Integration with the currently used systems – connection with already established systems and other mobile applications, simplification of administrative tasks

Proposed solutions

The project for the capital of Slovakia was specific and required the creation of tailor-made solutions. The city needed a user-friendly system that would eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy on all sides (drivers, municipality, authorities). A unique solution was created that links state registers and digitises the entire process of issuing parking permits. Regulated zones can be added incrementally to minimise errors and maximise citizen satisfaction. The system is complemented by a mobile app that allows quick use of parking permits and payment of parking fees. The various elements of the delivered solution are interconnected and benefit the city, its employees and the municipal police, and most importantly the residents/visitors.


The solution for Bratislava can be characterised as an interconnected system of modules that communicate with each other. There is a continuous data exchange, resulting in a dynamic system of parking management in the city.

Municipal parking system ParkDots – overall system integration, interconnection with third-party systems, advanced evaluation of payments and special parking permits (e.g., for the disabled), stable infrastructure for the needs of a large user traffic.

Residential parking – digital parking permits for both drivers and the city, linking the system to state registers (automatic retrieval of data – permanent residence, relationship to property, relationship to vehicle, etc.).

Unique parking permits – precisely configured system according to the requirements of the city ordinance, different scenarios of parking permits, parking permits based on time credit, which was uniquely designed for Bratislava.

ParkDots mobile app – parking payments for drivers, possibility to use parking permits (visitor/bonus), information about car parks and zones, navigation for drivers.

Data analysis and reporting – data processing into reports, analysis of key metrics (completed/pending applications, number of transactions, number of parking permits issued).

Enforcement system – parking management and control for the city, possibility to use the institute of strict liability for parking violations.

Comments on the cooperation and the project

The implementation of the project for the City of Bratislava required the cooperation of several parties. Professional approach and hard work have borne fruit in the form of a unique system. How do the stakeholders evaluate the cooperation?

“The project for the City of Bratislava was a great challenge for both parties. The city management is aware of how big a problem could arise if parking in the capital is not addressed in the near future. Together, however, we have succeeded in creating an advanced system that reflects the requirements of modern cities and technological developments.”

Marek Líška, ParkDots sales representative

“In Bratislava, we have launched a modern and efficient way to regulate parking. Bratislava Parking Assistant – PAAS is built as a service on the ParkDots platform and thanks to the unique connection to five state registers we have been able to automate the process of issuing parking permits, which has saved us considerable financial resources and human capacity. We have brought a high level of comfort to parking permit applicants – the vast majority of applicants can get a digital permit online, without the need to go to a contact point, without scanning documents and in a few minutes. With the ParkDots system, we were able to process more than 70,000 parking permit applications and issue 65,000 parking permits in 2022 alone. We appreciate the helpful approach and the high level of expertise of the ParkDots team.”

Peter Herceg, Authorised Representative of the Mayor of the Capital City for Parking Policy

What we have achieved

When you say Bratislava and parking, you might think of an automated process for issuing parking permits, a functioning system for regulated zones, fewer parked cars on the streets and pavements, and easier parking for residents. Take a look at some interesting numbers.

475 000
regulated districts (Petržalka, Nové Mesto, Staré Mesto, Rača and Ružinov)
state registers
unique parking permit types
70 000+
applications submitted
65 000+
parking permits issued
applications issued online