Parking in Bratislava

The changes in the parking policy of the capital city that entered into force at the end of the year 2021 brought many novelties and it can be difficult to make sense of it all. We offer a simple overview.

Bratislava and PAAS

Using the PAAS system, Bratislava is introducing parking regulation.

From 1 December 2021, residents of the first three pilot zones – Krasňany, Tehelné pole and Dvory 4 in Petržalka – have the opportunity to register and obtain different types of parking permits either in a convenient online mode or by visiting the contact points set up by the municipality for this purpose.

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PAAS and ParkDots

The supplier of the information system for the municipality is the PosAm Company with its ParkDots system. In Bratislava, ParkDots integrates five state registers – the Register of Natural Persons, the Register of Legal Entities, the Register of Addresses, the Cadastre of Real Estate and the National Vehicle Register – which brings unique digitalisation and enables citizens to arrange their parking permits conveniently from home.

Parking cards

A resident of a regulated zone or a Bratislava resident who visits the zone in question will apply for the relevant parking permit or manage their permits in the web application

Detailed instructions on how to register can be found here Everything can be resolved online or at the point of contact, a list of which can be found here:

Email support or phone support is available if needed: 0800 222 888.

Parking fee payment and the mobile app

The ParkDots mobile app with functionality for regulated zones in Bratislava is available!

Use the ParkDots app to pay parking fees or use time credit from your visitor/bonus card in regulated zones.
With ParkDots you can also pay parking fees in garages and private car parks in Bratislava and other cities in Slovakia.

Bratislava introduces a new feature, seamlessly integrated into ParkDots

When using ParkDots in the city, you won’t be charged a fixed parking fee. Instead, you’ll only pay for the exact duration of your parking. The cost will be adjusted based on the actual time spent parked, following a per-minute pricing model.

Important note: The Bratislava city requires a minimum payment equivalent to a 15-minute parking ticket.

All cities and places where you can use the app can be found here. You can download the app here.