ParkDots – Find available parking spots easily and pay the parking fee in one step

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Application's benefits

You can find a parking spot available for parking and check the price

We will navigate you safely to your spot and you will pay the parking fee using a mobile app

Easy payment

Paying parking fees with ParkDots is much easier than a payment via SMS, in a parking machine, or using a parking card. Payments by digital wallet Apple Pay / Google Pay available too.

If you need to renew your parking, you can do so easily with ParkDots in just a few seconds

Sign up

Save your card and your license plate number securely and click twice to pay
Keep all of your parking receipts in one place for whenever you need them


ParkDots complies with the strictest security criteria
Your credit card details are stored securely by Tatra Banka

Customer support

Our primary concern is the application and system work flawlessly. In the event they don’t, we’re here to help and get things fixed quickly.

Check out our Guides and Answers frequently asked questions. If you haven’t found the answer to your problem, please contact us. Our team is here for you!


Pay your parking ticket with your mobile phone

  • Sometimes you might get frustrated when leaving a garage or a car park – looking for a parking payment machine and some change or if there’s an endless queue.

  • With the ParkDots app you may now pay your parking ticket with your mobile phone at selected car parks. Payments by digital wallet Apple Pay / Google Pay available too.

  • Just choose the car park, click on “Pay the ticket”, scan it and pay with a simple swipe.

  • When leaving the car park, either the number plate reader will read your number plate or you may put the ticket into the terminal and the ramp will open.